Handmade with Premium Ingredients

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  • Our pies, pie crusts, cookies, and muffins are all handmade from scratch, with all-natural ingredients.
  • We make our pies with premium, minimally-processed ingredients. Real eggs, cream, and milk. No bleached flour and no shortening.
  • We use locally-sourced nuts, honey, and produce.



About the Piemaker, Jenn Wilson
I founded Hazel Loves Pie in 2018 with the goal of handmaking awesome pie, and with the directive to "Do everything in love" (1 Cor 16:14). I'm a software engineer turned French culinary student, and my recipes are inspired by the amazing foods I've sampled while traveling widely in the US and abroad. Hazel Loves Pie is named for my grandmother Hazel, a hardworking farmer born in 1901.